Sunday, April 22, 2012

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BN or alternative

Election is round the corner. If you are a Malaysian , you can smell and feel it as both BN or Parti alternative (component of DAP , PKR and PAS) doing kempen and ceramah every where. Bersih 3.0 around the corner, PTPTN to be abolished under influence of Anwar Ibrahim ,transformasi national under BN and etc. Every one try their best to fish the votes. As election came, we are the boss of our next leader. BN plan for 2/3 majority since last tsunami 308 only won by simple majority and loss some state seat also .
As a Malaysian and a voters , i think this is the tough decision to choose between 2 parti as there is pros and cons especially if you are the neutral person with middle income like me.As a physician who deals with clinical problem and issue, let me analyse for you why it's so difficult for all Malaysian! First and foremost, both parti also seems corrupted. Sand scandal in Selangor although they claims themselves innocent ! Cow issue by Dr sharizat although she said the involve is the Husband ! Both not seems to be trustworthy anymore. Second issue,  transformasi national vs cheap petrol, free PTPTN and all welfare. BN quickly give 500 to low income household, clean water and better infrastructure to people. Penang DAP give 100 to senior residents, 200 for newly born and etc, promise a cheap and good low cost house in Batu kawan in future etc.Everything seems to be in balence in this moments. What about Kedah ? Nothing ! Kelantan , nothing ! What benifits middle income people like me, nothing from both parti ! we are the neglected one ! They don't care about us (quote by Late Micheal Jackson). Free PTPTN ? Is it possible ? Yes, but the money for beneficial students will be limited. Do you remember when that is no mandatory payment from people who borrow PTPTN , the benefit students is limited comparing now !In other words, if PTPTN free, then many students will fail to pursue for study in future. The victims will be the parents to borrow from others or worse still unable to pursue study anymore. As a son or daughter , we got a responsible to pursue our tertiary study by using PTPTN and paid back later when we are working so that other people got the change to study ! If PTPTN abolished, what will happens to the one already paying ? are they going to get back their money? It seems to be a sweet lie for fish the university votes and end up they are start protesting for something impossible and unfair to previous PTPTN holder! Seriously , i don't like the thing of made other people to do stupid thing and get bitten for you personal interest !
any how , I think the way both party doing already been too much . They try to politicize every issue. Ultimately, the one play with the fire the most, going to kill themselves. Let's do the maths by yourselves !


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