Friday, January 21, 2011

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American idol and medical clinical exam

American idol season 10 premiere is back 2 days ago. This is the much awaiting moment for me and a lot of people. Everyone awaiting to see an american idol without Simon which is the most nasty jury among 3. things turn out the new jury- J Lo and Steven Tyler turn out much nicer than Simon. I hope second episode will be more promising as the season goes on. A big NO still a bit reluctant from J Lo.

What is the relation of American idol with medical clinicL EXAM. Actually it's the same, to pass clinical,you need to prepare to perform. just like in Idol, you need 'Proper dress', proper knowledge as your vocal in idol and the most important thing is able to perform. If you get nervous, you need to prepare to resit in the exam. It's you bring the best to jury to get yourself qualify. Although sometime you may meet people like Simon in your exam, you will struggle for it . If you are good luck, then you meet Paula or J Lo then it's easy for you to go though. Whatever it takes, you need to fulfill minimum criteria to pass.

Finally, good luck to participant in Idols and people sit for clinical exam!


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