Thursday, September 07, 2006

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Crocodile hunter killed ,accident and Preventive medicine

Recently the whole world was shocked by the dying of Steve Irwin ,crocodile hunter, the TV personality in animal planet . He was killed by a stingray bar during a diving expedition.
He give me one impression that we can't fight the nature and the wild life.
Although we are the highest rank among the animal which is the only creature has the highest thinking power but we still cannot conquere the world. The animal will protect themselves when they are attacked.They got their own weapon which is highly mortal. One sting by snake may kill you before you reach for treatment.Rhino will kill human with its horn.
We can't fight the nature so the dead of steve remind me of one famous saying "don't play with fire'
Wild animal is not means to be a pet to be played with. Whatever ways he showed in the programme was highly dangerous and he was bitten by crocodile . Now at last he died in the hand of stingray.
From this incident , i think Malaysian got the same kind of behaviour like Steve Irwin. They like to drive recklessly and not stick to road rules. Everyone like to drive fast and overtake each other as they are the representative for Ferrari in F1. They drive like Montoya (the most reckless in F1) but ironically Malaysia first representative in F1 Alex Yong finished in last ranking in F1.Malaysia got the highest accident rate in Malaysia . Those who is injured may died, paralysed or handicapped forever. As a doctor ,i always see people got brain injury and become a mentally retarded or paralysed people forever. The handsome and productive people become a phantom or idiot.
Although medical technologyand skills is very high nowadays but we still cannot revert everything to normal once things is happened.
Last of my words 'prevention is better then cured'