Sunday, October 28, 2007

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A good movie i had long watched but not write review. It is about Spartan attacked by massive army of persian. At last all of them dead. In exchange of their dead, the council approve for the army to fight Persian.
What is the reason of Spartan to fight massive Persian with small numbers. The reason is bribery of witch, the hatred of one of the council member to Leonidas(the king) and the love of Leonidas 's wife.
Overall is the movie should watched. Even the story is slow and not all about fighting only.

bourne ultimatum a good movie.

Last week, went and watched the finale of Bourne series. The truth of his identity all revealed . The movie is good as the previous one . Good story line.good following from previous movie.
It is awesome.Recommend to watch in big screen.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

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psycho test 1: What you will do?

What will you if a robber try to rob your belonging with a knife? If you got four thing around you , a flag , a chair, knife and stone. What will you choose to defend yourself?
If you choose flag, you are the person who will only attack person when you got chance.
If you choose chair, then you will attack people when people try to harm you. People know you hate him or like him.
If you choose knife, you will do the same thing towards the people who harm you the same way.You won't treat that people as friend any more.
If you choose stone, you are the kind of person who will manipulate and use the people who harm you. You will trap the people indirectly and that people still think he is your friend.

So , what kind of people are you?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

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Raya pertama: resident evil-extinction

even i know that resident evil is the junk movie. i still went and watched it at cineplex because this movie need big screen to get the feel of the movie. This movie exactly like the computer games of similiar name. At first movie, Alice still not perfect in her fighting skills but in third movie. She only need to use two blade,or even bare hand to kill the zombie. She can kill the swarm of mutant crow with her super
skills by staring. Believe or not, she is just become more and more god like.
It is logic as when you are playing games, you got upgrade and super skills. As a movie, it is a bit ridiculous.
That's why i called it junk movie. It is just like junk food.( No benefit of eating them but fun of eating it.)similiar to this movie, after you finished watching it , that is not much to say about the story but excited during watching it.
Another reason i watch it is because Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter act in this movie.
I support Milla since she act in fifth elements. Ali Larter because i supports Heroes. (similiar name like the game i used to play).
Actually i think the first resident evil is the best. This one is really junk but fun to watch.

Advice: Do not watch if you are 1:not the game fan
2:hate junk food (presumely hate junk movie)
3: Hate even the first and second resident evil

Thursday, October 04, 2007

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heroes is another X man?

is heroes another x man? In the series , actually there is a character got the similiar ability like Mystique (a sub character work under lindermann), Molly walker, a girl who can track all the people with special ability . She is just like prof X in xmen but she don't need to work under the big machine to track people.for me , she is the GPS system .Sylar who acquire people power by opening people brain , a bit like hannibal 's style of killing.He merge everyone power and to become the strongest . He is a super villain in the Heroes. he got the power of telekinesis just a bit like Jean in x men.
Nikki acquire the super strength just like wolverine. The regeneration of wolverine also found in Claire.
Nathan got the power of flying. He is another superman or storm but just do not have super strength and cannot control the weather
Actually heroes is another story modified from X men . The difference is they do not wear costume. They are not a super heroes. They are just a ordinary human like you and me. They got their personal problem also. Most of them do not like people knowing their power. They do not want to become freak.
This makes heroes interesting and fascinating.
It makes us wonder if one day i got the power what will i do? If i can bent the space and time , will i use it to save life. Will i become the surgeon ? Just in case some one bleed during op , I just need to freeze and then suture it back. isn't it cool. I can freeze the time to study before exam so that i got more time to do other thing.I can teleport to working place.
if i am Nathan , i can fly to work. I do not need to worried about traffic jam again