Thursday, October 30, 2008

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High school musical iii

what is one the best sound track in this year? I think it is HSM iii . The songs is very refreshing and not too noisy. Second camper rock. Others sound track is not quite good this year. disney produce good sound track. The only sound track which i like other than Disney will be LOTR trilogy(lord of the ring). I may be biased because i like LOTR.
As usual , the best experience is watch that movie and listen the song in cinema. So, HSM iii , i spent my money to watch in cinema even though anticipate a simple story.

Finally, simple is good. Simple language easy to understand. Simple song easy to sing.Simple medication (like PCM) like by GP and patient(patient request it even you do not want to prescribe(they call it KK). But simple referral may be irrititaing(if too simple).