Saturday, March 20, 2010

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HIN1 vaccination -my personal experience

As i am the medical doctor , my risk of getting H1N1 is higher than the public. We are the targeted population for vaccination prior to public.
Hot topic regarding H1N1 is whether it is safe. FDA approved so what? documented side effect Guillain Barre syndrome.Myalgia, arthralgia, flu like symptom and etc.

Balancing my benefit vs risk , I decided to go for it! It is because i highly potential to expose to it and i like crowded place like mid valley. Although i may have antibody to it previously seems like got H1N1 but not eligible for throat swab.

I get the injection yesterday noon.To be convenience and challenging the effect. I decided to take 2 in one sitting-H1N1 and influenza vaccine 09/10. 4 hour later, i got sudden runny nose and warmth on my body. I do my immediate non pharmacology therapy-Taking bath and drink a lot of water. Still continue my daily activity as usual.
today wake up at 8.45 am, strong as usual, manage to go shopping and do whathever thing without myalgia.

LOng term side effect- Guillain Barre syndrome unable to comment but claims to be same like normal population and no increased risk.

Contraindication- allergy to eggs

P/S somebody got vaccination and doing on call without side effect.

To me -go for it . U won't want to be the statistic of death of H1N1


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Hering's law

Hering's law-law proposes that conjugacy of saccades is due to innate connections in which the eye muscles responsible for each eye's movements are innervated equally.

when i revise the Internuclear opthalmoplegia, i found this question always ask. Beware!