Saturday, May 09, 2009

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Diabetic and diet

What is challenge about diabetis in Malaysia. Mainly diet. This is due to Malaysia is multiracial country. Multiracial=multi cultural= variety tasty food. Most of variety food is not cholesterol friendly or diabetic friendly.
Most pt like NASI LEMAK, MILO, rice or king of fruit durian. This equal to bad sugar control. The challenging part of doctor is if you ask them to reduce those food intake is equal to IRRITATION . If you ask them to reduce rice intake, they will shout to you then what should i eat. If you said vegetable( 2 green), protein. They will said i don't have teeth to chew meet and vege. The best part is if they are warded , they will comment the meet is hard like stone. the vege is not fresh. The food is lousy as a result force to eat nasi lemak.

This is the normal accusation of pt and anti of diabetic diet. Really take time to counsel, estimate time 20 minute and above. First need to deal with their anger. Next....... Exact way of breaking the bad news. The bad news to them is their lost of their love ones-high sugar content food.
challenge is it will appear back- back to old habit-high sugar content food

Are u the trekkers?

the answer is no. I am not the trekker. Trekker is a person addicted to star trek. I hardly watch any episode of star trek but i went and watch the star trek at first day primierre. Why?
The reason is that day the weather is too hot for me to sleep so the best place is went to cinema to get yourself tired. Secondly, the preview and reader review is good. Yes , i like scifi movie especially the preview of showing the planet is destroyed is cool. next the actor staring is the villain of Heroes-Sylar as good character. Third one, it is the beginning of USS enterprise.
I sort of start to like the beginning of each movie now and after star war, everyone started the beginning -movie, such as wolvelline-the beginning, texas chainsaw-the beginning.Even underworld 3 instalment - is the beginning.
Look like world is adapting the retrospective episode more and more . Good point, if you think the movie is good then watch the rest.By then, the boost of sale of dvd of old movie will increase.
We, as the dr, also always ask pt how the disease is started . Does it equal the beginning . Yes. If pt good at telling the beginning of symptom, diagnosis mostly should be correct. A lot of pt do not know how is started.

Finally, cool thing about star trek. It is humour, a bit scientific and special effect COOL. WATCH In theatre not your normal TV.

What is next-GI JOE -cool preview, Transformer- very good second preview. Spiderman's director next horror movie.