Friday, November 21, 2008

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madagascar impact

After watching madagascar ii, i am delighted to watch the story of Alex the lion, zebra, giraffe dr ,penguin ,hippopotamus and monkey. I am eager to watch the real lion, zebra and giraffe. As a result, i wake up early for Zoo negara.

right at the beginning, i saw giraffe busy eating the leaf, later i saW THE LION LYING lazily doing nothing. The lion hardly move compare to tiger busy walking around. zebra is with troops and so on with plenty of animal.

After that watching sealion show. the trip is pleasant but just a bit hot.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

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My precious ....!

although already in this town for almost 5 month , i still lost in the town for new location. When ask people or friend for direction, i still tend to lose. Reason 1 - i am too dumb. Reason 2 , i can't figure the road or map in my brain. Reason 3- Kl people teach you drive without proper landmark. they like to point drive straight, turn left, right etc. At the end you miscount one turn, you end up lose in town.
my record or lose when my old roomate came from kelantan to meet me, i ended up lose 2-3 hr in a simple location.
With the advance of technology and net plus influence of my friend , i buy my Garmin on line and receive it today. I test it to the place i not very familar. The outcome is marvelous.
This will be my precious for a 'blind' man not to lose in town.

P/s : madagascar 2 is nice to watch.