Monday, March 16, 2009

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Have you wondered how good the toilet can become! if our patient got this toilet , i think complete bed rest will not be a problem.

Complaint culture

Nowadays, evryone like to complaint . Complaint about busy life, no money, expensive expenses, long waiting in clinic ......... That can be 1001 complaint.
Came across this picture in net, what if the complaint dept set up like that pic. Could that be complaint?

Good e book

When exam nearer and nearer, What you'll do most of the time? The answer is study. When you get saturated , what you'll do, the answer is sleeping, watch some TV. when you fed up of everything, I sometimes will read some non medical unrelated e book . I recently found one e- book with the taxing title ' How To Create Non-Stop Ringgit Into YOUR Bank Account Automatically & Immediately The Char Kuey Teow Style!" which will attract anyone who read it. I think you will also like it too. The book is simple yet outline everything you should do to earn money online.

Friday, March 13, 2009

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thing getting serious now.

Exam near the corner. I think this will be one of the difficult time in my life. In the mid time of study, i also been offered a trip to Land of Mahsuri(langkawi). Drug company provide a sponsor to Langkawi at westin Hotel for cardiac forum. This is a 5 star hotel with lots of fun.
The place where you can buy cheap cigarette and alcohol. Unfortunally not a smoker nor alcoholic. Anyway smoking reduce risk of getting UC(ulcerative colitis).