Saturday, April 28, 2007

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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meeting closer friend by blogging

actually , i find that is a lot friend and colleague blogging around. You just need to open eyes and looking around at blogapace. The mmr(malaysia medical resource) doing a great job of detecting your colleague who is blogging. Even my blog been listed without my notification. I think they are pretty sensitive towards malaysia health issue. Recently one of my friend (happens to be blogger)telling me towards my old course mate who is blogging. I found out who is she by looking the profile and one the photo published. Thanks to MMR again for the listing in blog round.

I not pretty good in picking the blog identity . Basically no time for these.
Because major events in may and stock in bullish pattern!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

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is a suicidal (self harm week)

2 weeks ago, ward is flooded with multiple ? deliberate self harm cases range from the youngest 14 till the eldest 34.
Almost daily , that is a cases of alleged ingestion medication and mind unconscious.
Commonest drug:Paracetamol Reason: easy to get, almost always never died unless got extra medication taking.
Mind you, they are all from the family with very good friend and social support. Almost always that's a people accompany them when this type of parasuicide case happens. It ended up i referring the case everyday to psy colleague . The indian psy colleague getting more and more irritated and ask me why should i refer to them. They should be seen by counseller. This is the policy actually because i m not to commend the patient got any underlying psy illness or not cause i am not psy expert.
The youngest 14 year old patient( 2 of them) . One is malay ,taking mosquito oil because threatened by her 12 year old sister. Both quarrel then the sister took it . She also took it.Another one , 14 chinese, post tuition , buy PCM and took 20 of them because she don't like new schhol which is originally requested by herself because there is a basket ball team in new school.
our world is changing now , now is the trend to do self harm and get treated. Honestly i hate this type of patient because they are the one who is finding the pain rather than those who suffer the illness and really need the bed for treatment.
If you fail to hurdle your life with friend support , why should you harm yourself and let others sad for you. Government should activate better