Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Cause of short circuit

What is the cause of short circuit. Normally people saying about water,exposing wire. How about ant? Believe it or not?
I got one jug kettle for boiling water. I go back weekly to my home town. The next week i came back i found my kettle(the basement) fill with ant. When i opened the electricity, the power plug is off.(tripp).. i called the technician, the technician the kettle got problem. Out of curiosity, i opened the cover of the heating basement,to my surprise, it filled with thousands of ant(dying and alive). I slowly picked up the corpse of ant and clean up of the ant. At last, my jug kettle refunction again.
Cause of short circuit is ants.
Surprise or not?

vista or xp

everyone talk about vista. I could not resist the temptation and end up using vista because the colour is much better. What is the side effect. Computer get very slow.Need to use the office 07. What is worse about office 07 is even the saving feature is hidden . No more save button outside. This is same as explorer. I still prefer firefox and my old office application. another irritating thing is every installation the window will ask for permission such as registry going to be changed . Are you agreed or not. To the dummies, it is confusing. To me ,it is irritating.
Maybe after certain period i will like it. If over the period of trial, i still not like it then i will need to reformat my computer and back to square one(my XP).

ps: reformat computer minimum a year once

Forbidden kingdom

What is the chemistry if Jackie Chan + Jet Li? Both are the kungfu legend in film industry . the answer is awesome. Jet Li is known for seriousness in kungfu . Jackie chan is famous for drunken fist and jokes out of kungfu. When they are merged in this movie, it is good ++. The simple story line which is using the monkey god story plus the story of a boy 's journey to return the magic stick to monkey god and won the battle. It is simple and interesting. here is the preview for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, April 11, 2008

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Street Kings

I went and watched street kings yesterday. It is because i like the preview. keanu reeves become the antiheroes. In the preview he do the false evidence after killing people. That is a lot of gun fight, dirty words(get erased at the movie) and corrupted cops. It shows the dark side of cops and how they cope with the bad guys and control the evidence. Good point is Keanu reeves is not the super heroes anymore like in Matrix.
Exciting part a lot of tv series actor inside , Hugh Laurie(House),Amaury Nolasco(prison break), Here is the preview which lure me to cinema

Ipoh Snack

After stay in Ipoh for almost a month. At last, i go and buy Ipoh famous snack. They are "kai Chai Peng", "Lou Poh Peng"(wife biscuit) and Ipoh Charcoal cooked "hiong Peng". I like Kai Chai Peng the most because it is yummy and crispy.Lou Poh Peng is not bad either .Ipoh Hiong Peng is not so special . I still prefer Penang Hiong Peng.
Loh Poh Peng in Ipoh is different from Hong Kong one in the sense that Hong Kong one more yummy. Hong Kong Loh Poh Peng got tong kua tiau inside whereas Ipoh one got sesame. Any way it is good to have something to chew during pastime and can increase my weight further. He he.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

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27 dresses and an empress and warrior

For past 2 week, i had been watching movie in each week. One movie per week. Last week , i had watch an empress and the warrior. I like the song sang by leon Lai and kelly is the music video.
Do not mistaken that i like Leon Lai but i particularly like Kelly chan 's song.The movie is about a king who is murdered by the nephew who wanted to become a king.The king wanted Donnie Yen (the top warrior ) to be his successor but the nephew not aqreed with him and try to make riot of that. Kelly chan forced to be the empress. She get injured by the assassin sent by the nephew.She is saved by Leon Lai and fall in love with him. At last.... The movie fighting scene is good with the message war won't be ended unless somebody let go of it.

27 dresses is the romance movie staring by Katheline Hiegl (one of the grey anatomy Dr) .The movie where she is the bridemaid for 27 times and find the true love at last.The romance movie with some new elements in it. It is the so called medium class movie . Selling point is the commedy and romance. Recommended for person who is under a bit of stress yet can't release it by other means.Plus no good movie to watch at this moments.Persaonally looking forward to the forbidden kingdom by Jet Li and JAckie chan.