Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Nice car

2 weeks ago , i went to Berjaya times square and find the promotion of super international series. It is full of exotic cars and promotion girl. Most car is RX 8 with different design. If you are initial D fans, you will familiar with this car as it is drive by the main character. No AE 86 found because it is not comic or anime. Here attached some picture.

Friday, June 13, 2008

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First movie in new town.

after 13day in new town ,KL . I finally went to watch my first movie in new town.
KL give me the impression of 4 lots-lots of traffic, lots of person(congested),lots of money(to survive),lots of road(NO u turn).
Still do few u turn before going back from theatre to my house coz not familar to the road.

What movie i watch. Sure my favourite marvel comic character'hulk'. My female colleague hate this chararcter coz he is ugly and big. I like it coz he is the tragedy hero.Unlike spiderman, he is more tragic than spiderman.
Spiderman need to cope with daily life.Great power comes great responsiblitity for spiderman. Hulk need to sacrifice his love, need to meditate and foremost need to control his anger.

I think everyone got the hulk in ourself. When we get angry, we actually already change to HUlk not morphologically (physically) but emotionally. When we lose temper, occasionally, we said something bad that may make us regret for whole life. We may make people hate us or worst still lose our friend all together. Imagine when a patient start provoke you or irritate you, occasional you feel angry and sometimes lose control.You answer back. That's it ,after that you will face complaint and unnessasary condition. So we must learn to control the anger .Just like Banner learn to control hulk in him.

finally to those friend who know me. Hopefully may meet you all one days . Bye.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

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Back to campus.

After doing my master in Penang for 2 years, finally back to campus HUKM in Cheras. KL is a strange place to me. Road is very confusing . The sign board point to you one destination. After driving, the leading sign lost in sign board. It is confusing.
people driving here a bit funny also. They try to dive very fast during jam such as overtaking one car which can be fast for 3-5 sec but drive extremely slow during no jam time.
I still get to know their attitude.Luckily i only need to walk to campus.just rent a house behind.
P/s : Jason, when can i meet you. Boss