Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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it's time to change.

Out of sudden , my palm T5 malfunction start from friday. It could not restart either by soft or hard reset and basically it is frozen at the loading screen. I broke my bad news to my colleague. My colleague tell me it's time to change. Actually it is not money that matters the most. It is just the sentimental value , My palm has accompany me for past 2 year. it is not the short period and offer me a lot of info i needed during emergency and quick drug reference.
Basically , if i got a new pda, i need to restart everything again (reentry data) or maybe i should keep a simple organiser(diary or note book).

currently addicted

currently that's a logging problem for my computer to blogger so i started to watch a korean series "devil king". or so called 'mowang' in mandarin. It is a series between a lawyer and police. Actually the police got the background of killing the lawyer's brother during teenages. Due to the political influence , the police is not guilty in trial. The lawyer's mother died of accidents on that day. Out of the hatred , the lawyer start revenge by indirectly control third party to kill the police's friend one by one.The lawyer switch his identity with his friend who already dead. the story is very interesting and is 20 episode.
Highly recommended to watch because it is full of twist.
this is why i not writing blog for this few month.

Friday, July 13, 2007

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harry potter 5 is fair.

As a 5th movie of harry potter, it is not so excited compare to previous 4 except the last part. The centre part basically about umbridge try to catch the secret organisation 'army of Dumbledore' lead by Harry. only at the prophecy part, it become excited.
Only one part we can learn is we must defend the truth and trusted the truth. We should let the bad and powerful people overturn the truth.Something pretty valuable we can learn from harry, dumbledore. We need friend to get stonger.

Notes:simpsons preview is already on air in this movie. it is funny.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

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die hard 4.0 with lessons!

I watch die hard 4.0 yeasterday. It is awesome. Selling point is 'firesale'(virtual terrorism) and hacker. Just like transformer. Hacker is the main focus of the movie.
In the movie, virtual terrorism so called firesale (everything must go) .The attack focused on four primary objectives: disrupting transportation, stealing and destroying financial records, disabling all public utilities, and creating fear with a PSYOP media campaign. The attack is more traggic than 911. It not only involve life but involving bankruptcy of the government. After looking at the movie, it seems to me that using computer to control everything is not a good idea after all. I think human should be involve in controling and can be manually override everything if computer being hacked and situation in chaos. The action part is still good and packed. Selling point is a chaos created by firesale. The traffic, subway, biological attack, finance and psyop. I like the movies because that is progressive improvement in terrorism for the movie . Die hard 1 is fighting terrorism at building, die hard 2 is fighting terrorism in plane, die hard 3 is robbing the high-security vault in the basement of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with the diversion of bombing New york. Die hard 4 is stealing money by create fire sales.
If that is 5 maybe fighting a biological warfare or cyborg?
My advice is watch the movies .Lesson is do not let computer control your life.
Actual facts is that is no John McClane in the world.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

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a lot of good movie at second half

it is hard to believe that this year is a movie year. All the blockbuster is available this year. Start from spiderman 3,then pirates of carribean 3, then shrek 3 then ocean 13.Started from July remaking of transformers from animation.
Now die hard 4. Coming out next week harry porter 5-order of phoenix. Coming out movie will be national treasure 2(i liked the first one),
bourne ultimatum(finale of bourne identity and bourne supremacy),
I am a legend by will smith (another action movie by will smith),
the entertaining and funny rush hour 3,
underdog( a dog who got super power),resident evil 3, the invasion by Nicole kidman.
That's the top ten movie for the second half of year started from transformers.
Looks like i need to spend more money for movie this year.

Monday, July 02, 2007

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Driving issue

Recently on my way home, stuck in traffic jam . i always listen to 988 (chinese station) . It is not because i like the dj . The main reason is the driving etiquette and issue is aired.Today issue is about what you will do when you accidentally scratch people's car and the people is not around. I will leave my phone no at that site and record the car plate no but i normally become the victim rather than become the knockers. Previously , the issue is about back seat safe belt. A lot of people sms they not used to it. A lot safety issue discussed. Sometimes they tell you how to take care of your car. Ideally ,you need to start your engine for 3 minutes at early morning before you start to drive to protect the engine. I never do it.Overtake should done from right side. This all seems simple but i find it useful to listen particularly during driving. This is like growing good habits during driving.

Music i recently heard

After i watch transformers-the movie. I'm typically fond with the music particularly the ending of theme by Linkin Park. That's why i stayed back and watched the credits and saw the cutscene. I liked the what i 've done performed by linkin park(ending theme).Before its too late by goo goo dolls is another good song played in the movie.Other song like disturbed-this moment and others is also a fast and good songs.
Another good song recently is beautiful liar by beyonce and Shakira, Over it by ex american idol runner up last year (katherine Mcphee). Big girls don't cry by fergie. I normally listening to song during driving so the common song played with attract me to search for the song and listening to it during writing my blog.
Anyway i also like kelly clarkson, bo rice, carrie underwood . Their song is nice and sweet.
Notes:currently listening to Linkin Park-what i 've done,Before its too late by goo goo dolls and Big girls don't cry by fergie