Saturday, March 22, 2008

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Ah long ltd and spiderwick

It had been second week in Ipoh. Things and food here not seems to be cheaper except movie. This week met with another chan TM(our colleague) who join politic and maybe our future Mp. He is doing well in his clinic and soon to be father of second child. AQnd another of our senior (my past heroes enterprise elite member) NKC . He is also Gp in Ipoh. They are both doing well.
Back to movie. frankly movie here is cheap so i ended up watching movie here. RM 9 and RM 6 for special day. I had watched Ah long and spiderwick . For details please click to my movie link,
I recommend ah long ltd as it is good as above.A typical Jack Neo movie who making jokes out of Ah Long (loan shark). One theory inside is Ah long also is the victim. Why? Because they borrow money but cannot make people into Bankrupt as bank and take away people's house as what bank had done.
Spiderwick is the fiction i always enjoyed.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

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New posting in new place

I am now doing dermatology in Ipoh Hospital. It has been a week being there. Having a bit of adjustment disorder mainly because been long working at same place for past 4-5 year. Luckily the colleague here and the boss is very friendly. There is my old course mate in U there,Chan 5354. he is now doing paeds still as handsome as previously.
First day stay, feel a bit alien to this place. Rain at evening thinking is a coincidence. My 6 days stay prove that it is a raining day almost for past 6 days. Is this just like Taiping? A city of rain? I like rainy day because it make me sleep well. Cons is i slept early everyday and still feel sleepy.
Another thing is i feel a bit depressed coz i do not have internet access. I missed my streamyx.
I came back to my sweet home today at last after the derm coarse to watch football (EPL) on TV and play the internet i missed so much for past 6 days.
Food wise i still feel Pg food is the best although people claims Ipoh is the paradise of food.
Road wise i still occasional lose during driving . Luckily chan help me a lot in recognize the route here.