Friday, July 18, 2008

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Crowd in KL cinema

Today i will show you the biggest crowd i had ever seen in KL cinema. The location is mid valley megamal. You need to wait 30 minute for a movie. Why so many people today ? The reason is simple because there is about 4 box office show simutaneously. Batman-dark knight, hellboy,red cliff (directed by John Woo),and specially 3d movie-journey to centre of earth. I watched red cliff for 2nd time because my favourite ex roomate came from Kelantan KB (where there is no cinema) for coarse so he wants movie. I bring him to the most crowded cinema to watch movie and experience the dts surround system. Reason is clear so that next time he won't only watch pirated or original dvd. War scene, action scene, dark scene need cinema to get the effect. Watch dvd will spoit the fun and excitement of movie. i watch transformer in both cinema and crystal clear dvd and i found out that watching in dvd is less exciting. Today i prove it again by watching red cliff 2 times, one times in leisure mall , now in mid valley. It still interesting to watch because war scene still good to watch. So what the advertisement said is correct. Even wall E know pirated dvd quality is rubbish . i will said watching both pirated and original dvd at tv is rubbish especially for commercial movie and action movie.It is exceptional only when it cannot available in malaysia cinema or the movie is damn many talking like The hour.

a lot of crowd went home

1 week ago, i went home at friday. it proves to me that pudu is a a place full of crowd and kl is crowded because of outsiders.everyone rushing back to their home town to see their parents, lover , children etc. Bus ticket to penang can went up from 27 to 40. faster than petrol price . a lot of people already went there with luggage so they have no choice but to comply. JPJ action towards rising price is useless in that hour. picture above showing the crowd. picture below showing transnational departure time and platform in their own centre. Change to get transnational instantly is very slim. Advice to people please plan and buy your ticket few days before going back.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

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nice movie. Bad counter service

Today , went to berjaya times square to watch doomsday cause it is not available in leisure mall . I like 18PL movie and i know this movie won't be nice in Tv because preview shows the movie got 80% is dark scene. Dark scene in Tv equal to watching your own reflection or adjust too bright not realistic. Action a lot in this movie plus chopping of head. That's why 18PL but do not feel 18sx why said 18PL. never mind i am not finas. Why bad gsc counter service? Today i watched the 11.20am. As usual, counter opened late and very crowded to wait for counter opened. It only opened at 11.10am. Every one already line up for long then got one indian gsc counter attendant stand outside said buy ticket according to counter(each counter stick one A4 paper about one movie). A poor lady line up behind not knowing the system ended up at the wrong counter which is not the movie she want to watch. She beg that attendant because movie going to start but attendant ask him to line up in other row. I wonder why is this type of attitude appear on service business. You should try to serve and make people happy with your service. if not, just go and become police or thief..... . Anyway occasionally i think back to myself, there is so many demanding patients in our medical career nowadays but i just keep quiet and swallow my unsatisfaction. Why can't he do that.
let me share with you some little story. On one afternoon, that is a prof(islamic study) came to review my boss's clinic but my boss not there so staff nurse ask me to review the patient. Knowing that , he will show unsatisfaction but actually condition worse than that. He ask who am i to see him and ask me where is my boss? This is very insulting and embarassing . This is simple if you don't want other doctor tell early not to keep your mouth shut at the beginning then only talk nuts later. Another things is there are a few stupid staff nurse which is not aware of the so call somebody's personal patient. Please let the respective doctor saw them for god's sake before they start barking at people again.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

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movie,movie and movie

For past 1 weeks ,i had personally broke my record of watching movie. In cinema for 3 times in 1 weeks (5 days precisely). 2 movie yesterday and today. Mood happiness ++ after work. During work pass 2 days, stress++. Referral case had been increased tremendously so go back almost 6 pm and above daily.So as a stress remover, past 2 days , i went for Hancock and Get smart. 2 days before, wanted. I like wanted action extremely, excluding Angelina Jolie sexy look and good acting, it is till a good movie. I will said is a action + thriller movie. Some sorts like matrix but a bit more realistic and less puzzle concept. Get smart is a good comedy for those who like spy comedy. Some big name in side the movie. Spy commedy to me =priceless esp after stress. Hancock is attract me the most is Will Smith. I can watch him fighting zombie alone in I,legend so why not he as a super heroes faced by many problem and hated by public.
next movie i am waiting will be the dark knight and red cliff.
Coming up........ maybe hellboy and etc.
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