Monday, September 15, 2008

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Monday blue vs excitement

What is monday blue? It is not medical term. It is not supporting chelsea(nickname the blues) at Monday. It means sadness or mild depression during Monday working. it happens because you are having too much fun on Saturday and Sunday. it happens to everyone no matter how you like the job. Then why Monday excitement.
To me , evrything got pro and cons. After waking up early for your job. After hard work, you found that all your series back on air on Monday. In Malaysia, all your hk series back on track.the fun of continuation. watch on line or using....... to watch the series. Excitement get better if you plan to watch prison break. it is back on air for season 4. What Scofield will do for next step to steal the card access to the company?
More excitement started on tuesday US time , House restarted the season 5. I can brush up my thinking towards medical diagnosis. A way of laziness yet learn some medical.
trust me on that , everything got pro and cons. Saturday and sunday movie is bad all the time because this is the time for you to have fun outside. Monday series is good because you are too tired to go out at Monday after work. Tv programme is rewarding.

So this is what i called Monday blue vs excitement! This is what life about! pro and cons always. as a doctor , you need to explain to pt pro and cons of treatment.
here i enclose the prison break trailer.
What is best series anticipated?Fringe. Type in google and read about it.