Thursday, April 23, 2009

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after hardwork and some failure that arouse me and bother me. I decided to watch the movie with my housework as titled above. A movie based on the book with the same name. It regards girl pick the wrong signal regarding man interested in her by wording from girl. It is really interested to watch as 1) starred by famous actor and actress 2) things we should be noticed when we talk to girl . 3) girl should watch as not picked the wrong signal.
what it applied to life? To me, careful with your words when you talked to someone. Other way of quoting , mind your language when you talk.
I think as a doctor, we deal with patient daily. Sometimes pieces of advice will be taking as scolding. Different tonne with same sentence and meaning may bring different meaning. It just like this movie said for example ' it is nice to meet you' bring different meaning. If it is stated at beginning it means the guy interested in you. If said at the ending , it means no, no, no.
I think when dealing with patient, maybe we should predict the response when we said something. So maintain eye contact to monitor response. Always apologize if you sense tense or anger in patient as patient always quite sensitive as they are sick . sick+occasionaly long waiting time = ill tempered most of the time.
illtempered= complaint.
Beware of it!