Friday, February 23, 2007

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Another sad song 2

As what i mentioned early, Penang GH as a dumping ground.Another elderly patient (chinese) sent on one day before new year eve for sudden weakness on left side. CT brain shows old infarct at R MCA region . The hand is rigid and stiff which is unlikely to be new one. Family members also claims he is premorbidly well and able to walk and take care of himself. I find it very hard to believe. Can the stroke cause rigidity and contracturwe in overnight? i had yet to see it. This patient and the previous patient patient i mentioned got one thing in common. Their family won't come and see them even in visiting hour. As usual, they celebrate the reunion with the unfortunate again.

sad song 1

Gong Xi fa Cai to all the chinese and those who take leave for the 2 week vacation. Unfortunately , it is not for me. Reason 1, i am working in own hometown compare to others working abroad . reason 2, iam single. It is pretty busy week for me. no time for blogging (working at 2nd day of new year)but i see other people in similar miserable just like me. Below is the real story i would like to share with you all in my ward.

Chinese new year is the day for all the people to get back together to see their own family but ironically i don't see it happening here. Normally i will try to let those is recovering to go back as our ward is always congested due to our cheap ward stay and easy to be complaint (people can just complain if they don't like you). This year , a day before chinese new year eve, we try to discharged one 80 over years old chinese lady which have completed antibiotic for one week for some unspecific complaint and been investigated completely (including lumbar puncture although without fever) because we worried about subclinical infection. She also got background of dementia. Old lady yelling to go back since day 1 of ward stay because she claims herself to be well . Her family claims she got reduced her appetite and lethargy. We trust the family because of her dementia status and treated her. As her LP is normal and completed antibiotic. We discharged her one day before chinese new year eve. The truth is appearing. Family ask us to keep her for few more days. I asked for the reason since she is well to have reunion dinner with her loved one.
Family told me that she is dementia and she will disturb them to prepare for new year . Furthermore , no people will take care of her during the festive season.
so, this is the reason.Please keep her until they settled their thing.
As i work in penang GH , I find the people here thinks that Penang GH is the best dumping ground for the old and needy during festive season because it is cheap(3 per day) and furthermore with good medical care(seen by dr) plus 24 hour available.
Even business with this advantages will make it to the successful business.
This is the sad story i like to share with you all. Chinese new year for certain people is just for their loved one and not with all the family members. Those who are sick or mentally not very healthy(dementia). Let them celebrate new year and reunion with the penang hospital crew and all th e unfortunate one.
NOw see it , Penang GH as a dumping ground during festive season.