Friday, January 08, 2010

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Don't judge a book by cover!

I accidentally opened a you tube containing Susan boyle on thursday. I hear a angelic voice singing i dreamed a dream. She look so common just like a normal middle aged lady. When she opened her voice, what a angellic voice come out,i hear it again and again, she got a sweet voice which i liked. Compared her voice with another vocalist Sarah brightman, sarah brightman voice is more sharp and her voice is more powerful

Hurray , i got more vocalist to hear now.

Moral of the lesson: don't judge a book by cover.

Being a dr for quite long, i actually already try to be fair with every pt and rational on my treatment. I actually do not give special treatment to so called VIP pt but rather give priority to more ill pt.
MEdical do teach us judge pt by cover- wasting pt-chronic ill pt, jaundice- liver problem, autoimmune hemolytic anemia if pale. needle mark-never ignore HIV and etc