Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Autobot transform and roll out

I just came back for my long awaiting movies-Transformer-the revenge of fallen. I am a transformer fan since primary school. I like autobot . I identify good and bad by identify the eyes of robot. AUtobot-blue eyes. Decepticons-red eyes. The movie made it easier to identify . Almost all the decepticons(BAd side) is stainless steel colour. How about good side- more colourful.
The stories is quite modified than what i used to watch when i small. Other than the old character and name in autobot. Got some even can change in to human form=? terminator hybrid. Any way overall movie is good. I think third installment will be coming also looking at it's ending.
The next good movie coming will be GI Joe and harry porter.

P/s: not transformer fan maybe a bit diff to differentiate good and bad but may still able to follow it. Fighting scene marvellous