Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Coffee and me

I try to stop my daily coffee 2 weeks ago. It ends up i got the withdrawal syndrome. Every day headache started 5.15 pm and above not relieve by sleeping. I thought it is post call syndrome due to lack of sleep initially but 2nd day, 3rd day post call still got same effect. I decided to drink back my coffee but the oral regurgitation and palpitation back in progress. I in biggest dilemma to drink or not to drink.
At last , i decided back to my coffee habit as I could not bear migraine.
Now i had no more palpitation and all side effect.
Maybe next time i should wear the above T shirt to stop coffee!

PC fair , a total Jam

What is the main cause of migraine? people said it is due to Trigeminovascular system ,Cortical spreading depression , serotonin role and etc.
I find congestion in PC fair by human and human crowd plus loud music in 1 hall selling speaker is one of the causative factor.
Using my low resolution handphone i manage to show how congestion is it.
Especially the HTC corner because they give you the free gift like umbrella (not the rihanna sound track) i mean real umbrella and window T shirt. The price is about 100-150 cheaper i think. THE next biggest attraction i think that is a lot of pretty girl promote their theme in costume. A lot of people busy shooting picture with them.
To me, that is definitely good price for hard disk, GPS, pen drive and printer. Computer wise normally you get free gift more compare normal shop purchase plus you can compare all branded computer on your budget.
Another interesting thing is Pen Drive offer laser engraving on your pen drive. something u won't get on your normal purchase unless you want to use knife to engrave your pen drive.
How about next pc fair, i would go even it cause migraine to me but maybe went on Friday rather than saturday. maybe take leave next time.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

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Sony Expo 2010 a whole new experience

what do you plan to do on 1st april 2010. It is a April fool day and a big day for gadget and electronic geeks in klang Valley -Sony expo 2010 in Klang valley.
An annual sony events which features all the most trendy electronic and modern gadget especially AV products.
This year 2010- a big year for fifa as world cup started plus the emerging of 3D technology. Avatar a successful 3D installment make 3D a must for everything. Sony expo 2010 give you the first 3d experience with home TV in 3D, making of live 3D movie clip where you will be a star plus the free 3D movie featuring Japan zoo and aquarium. It bring all the good experience to everyone. On top of that, it is free of charge.
For those who target of buying something, that is daily offer for specific item. For example PSP go only sell on 599 where a normal price is 1099. Sony DVD player sold at 99 which is Rm 169 normally. That's daily bid for special item. that is free gift to be won also.
Sony with the slogan made. experience again prove they are top on AV products. they are the first company able to do 3D movie life in Malaysia expo.
For those of people who is unaware of the events came at 1-4 april in mid valley 3 rd floor for the whole new experience.

A lady explain the concept how 3D movie is done

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