Monday, September 13, 2010

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what U do in between altenate call?

I keep my promise to do altenate day call which happens to be non working days. The outcome is taxing. i felt super tired after the call. I won't give up for sleeping at home the whole day. I went to mid valley which happen to be Raya kedua. the people in mid valley is flooded. looks like KL got a lot of citizen now rather than people just stationed for working, or studying.
Resident evil 4is the movie i watched in 3d mode. fighting top rated however still not ended. story wise not really good. I like it because no need brain to processed for this movie. Anyway , it is ideal for post call movie.
I will be recharged and went for the next on call. the third raya call is super bad as a lot of dehydrated with sepsis patient came in. Anyway i think it's rather a bad call than good.