Friday, December 22, 2006

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Foreign worker triple pay treatment , Fair or not?

I worked in government hospital for few years and saw a lot of indonesian maid seeking treatment here. They are either come to deliver a baby or for their illnesses. A lot of them brought by employer and they are all not happy with government policy for charging them for extra. Simple reason, because most of employer pay for the worker.
I personally find it is something reasonable. It is because government every year use out a lot of budget for health care purposes. Although sad to say that Malaysian health is not the top among asean country but i am sure it is better then Indonesian, philiphines. Thing is this money come from us,the taxpayer. Why should we need to provide cheap health care to the foreign worker. One ringgit for out patient clinic, five ringgit for specialist clinic. 3 ringgit for ward in third class is far below path for the life now. In penang, you buy a bowl of noodle for 2 ringgit.Ironically, you take back a month or three month of medication (worth hundreds ringgit )for one to five ringgit.Actually it is the reason why dr getting salary far below path compare to private service .
I am not complaining about that because Malaysian still got a lot of poor and miserable people but actually also a lot of rich people around driving big car like Benz and BMW to government hospital for their indo or philiphines maid for illness.I am not saying they can't but they should pay the amount at least for the medical expenses for their illness.For me, if they afford to hire a maid why should they not afford the medical expenses because maid is for rich people only but not for a poor people.

Indo maid normally got a lot of medical problem . TB is a norm for them. Malaria ,epilepsy occasionally do happen. Asthma also commonly seen.
So think before hire.