Monday, May 28, 2007

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good bye Friend

Yesterday, one of my friend asked me out for farewell dinner. He already handed in his resignation letter for better opportunity(career development in singapore). A lot of people left this country to other country to practice medicine. This is not because Malaysia pay you the least among the nation. Actually , Malaysia tend to let the Doctor over worked and under paid. Comparatively, Singapore pay better with better chance of further the study(saubspeciality). I had saw many doctor left malaysia to singapore for career development.
This is the fact now. Malaysia definitely must realise the facts if the doctor take ages to get the subspeciality, they will definitely left this country. My friend is just one in the million example.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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My favourite english series

My friend always told me that he hates to watch medical related series . He asked me isn't it bored you watch the things you doing on daily basis. I like to watch it because i try to figure out what elements they injects in our daily routine normal boring life that make doctor's life so fascinating. I never enjoyed chicago hope but do enjiy ER in my old days. Now i recommend you few of the series which combine the elements of doctor and make it fascinating. I introduded 3 of them
First: House
One of my friend hates it because of his personality and he is too smart to be real. Dr Gregory House who is limping and always act against the rule. He is lonely , smart and miserable. Very sarcasm to colleague and surrounding.
The interesting part of series is it shows the mysteries of illness and how to reach the diagnosis of the very rare cases.
This will increase your thinking and creativity during your treatment.
For me super good. Highly recommended for dr in internal medicine and doctor who like to see the myth of diagnosis.
Second:Grey anatomy
Adapt from the name of one of the famous anatomy book (grey anatomy) but it is not teaching you about anatomy. It got anatomy elements in the sense the story around the surgical interns at Seattle hospital . Surgeon deals with anatomy every day . Grey adapt from the main character Meredith Grey.Stories is about the tiring life as interns ,problem face, inter relational ship among Dr. A bit exaggrevated as all doctor seems to got affair each other. May be correct in US but i think it is unbelieving. Selling point: dr grey with started a issue in the early episode and at the end of the days, she realise occasionally she need to bent the rules.
Third: Lost
A series with the plane crash in the mysterious island. A spinal surgeon is one of the victim. He occasional saves people with his medical knowledge.
Selling point: mysteries and miracle.
Issue created: since the series , evryone ask the question:' which type of doctor you want to be with if you are at an isolated island during plane crash"

Saturday, May 19, 2007

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working with exercise

I read about the article exercise by running on threadmill and doing office work by typing the computer. It really is the good idea because by walking-and-working, energy expenditure might increase by 100 kcal/hour compare to sedentary life style. But , when i look back to my office people which comprise largely by ahem, ahem races. They are so lazy to get up to take documents , some might even use the chair kicking around to near by places to take document. I can't imagine if the office replace by this threadmill and computer system. I think more then 50% will take mc.
By the way, if this system is to be implemented, the best way is provide the threadmill will dynamo power and let the user choose the computer to be fully powered by dynamo(all by your hard force) ,partially supplement or minimal supplement . I think if this system fully implemented, there will be lots of healthy person but productivity might reduced because a lot of people cannot concentrate and think during exercise .

Sunday, May 13, 2007

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Happy mother day

Who is the greatest person on earth. It is not spiderman-your friendly neighbourhood,x man -genetic altered freak who helps people.Definitely it is not bill gates who makes billions through microsoft.It is also not mother Teresa who founded the Missionaries of Charity and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her humanitarian, who is the greatest? It may not have super power, my not be super kind,may not be super rich or perfect. It is definetely creator of You-father and mother.for me, mother is the greatest because most of her time spent is to make me better. During my childhood, i am a rather naughty and lazy boy. I don't like to study. mother is the one who lead me to who i am now.she take care of my food and seek treatment during i am sick. Even i am a adult now . She still concern about me.One chinese says that ' if your child live until 100 years, you are worried for 99 years.' It means if you got kids, your commitment is forever. Agreed? I think mother sacrifice a lot for me although she is not elected as the best mum in Malaysia but to me she is already a champion. My mother never request a present from me. To her, the best gift is healthy and happiness of us. Today , i planned to give us a treat.I wish my mother happy and helthy forever.
Anyway, happy mother's day to mum- the greatest people on earth.
a quetion -how mother day make available?
for details

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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are you at the right career?

recently one of the blogger done the personality test and found he is suitable to do nuclear medicine. further asking state that he is tired 250 question. It remind me of one picture i came across in bmj 2005.Is it more accurate compare to the attitude test recommended. I am not sure. It seems to me this diagram also a bit misleading to medical students . I saw alot of bad attitude paediatrician and physician walking around. Are they choosing the wrong career.?I am not sure .maybe patient 's numerous demand that make them lose their tempered.
Frienf of mine which is a surgeon told me one thing about surgeon. He said when you become surgeon , you lose 3 things in your life.
First ,you lose your title as a doctor(dr) (people called you Mr).Second, you lose your time (surgeon busy all the time normally). Third ,you lose your temper. I remember during houseman time ,surgery is one of the scary posting because there are a lot of surgeon fulfill the above three criteria but now seems that the surgeon who lose temper is in reducing trend. It is good for the houseman because they got the better life. Quality wise , the service and performance would reduced.
After look at the chart, do you at the right career? If you are , just smile. If not , just ignore it as nothing can be done if you in that field already.
P/s: this chart is not created by me. please do not ask me how this chart is created because i am not the maker.
I am just the follower!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

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Congrates to Man Utd.

with 2 games more to play. Chelsea draw with arsenal means chelsea officially 2nd and man utd first in primier league 2006/07. Arsenal played for their pride even though their win or draw means early winner for their foe Man utd. A disappointment in champion league by losing to Milan but a winning in primier league. I as a liverpool fan hope that liverpool repeat the glory by winning champion league again this year.

Another rise by astro!

yesterday, astro malaysia announces a rise of charges for rm5 to rm15 implemented in June 2.This is the second rise since may 2004 . Reason is rising costs, especially for broadcasting rights for football and other sporting events. I think the main reason is to gain bigger profit. Hidden reason is boss just buy 100% of maxis with offer price of 15.60. They need more vitamin M to complete the buying. I as a football fan need to subscribe the sports package with the option drop other mini package to reduce the collateral damage.(money damage). For datils of news, click

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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spiderman 3 =spiderman maybe is you or others?

this year most anticipated movie (spiderman 3)at last reach cinema at 1st may 2007. Full booking for his movie. I as a fan of spiderman and marvel comic definetely try to be the first to watch the movie. I like it because spiderman is the only heroes (so called your friendly neighbourhood) who live as normal human with the gifted power. In spidey 3 , his good deed being admired by NY people so he become more and more over confident . Mary jane find he is not the guys next door she know any more. Further more when alien material attach to him , he become more and more overconfident. His dark side exposed fully. At last, his loves towards Mary JAne and his aunt support bring him back to Normal. Aren't you feel this story a bit familiar. It happens every day around us or even it can be you or me. Why? We sometimes with our hardship earned us a title, wealth, skills to heal(esp dr), At return, people start to praise ,respect. In the beginning we think this is our part, but when time went longer and longer. Sometimes , we do think we can do everything and we are above the others. Subsequently we lose ourselves. With influence by bad thing(just like alien material in spiderman3 ), our dark side will revealed. So pretty like our story isn't it. Director try to tell us something from this blockbuster in a creative, interesting way. This is one of the best movie i watched just like spiderman 1 and 2.For the briefing of the story