Friday, November 10, 2006

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super baby=jobless for dr?

I came across one article about US project to create super baby in 20 years time. Us now research on removing sick gene and add in gene which strenghten the immunisation.Baby undergo this treatment before birth next time will sick free. The ups is reduce the mortality. The cons is aginst natural . The dangers is you don't know what is the side effect. If this is successful in 20 years time, dr will highly be jobless because everyone is healthy !

Thursday, November 09, 2006

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medical and life

when i become doctor longer and longer, i realized one thing. everything we practise in medical can use in our life practise. What i so called rules of universe. What is that?
When we advice people on operation /treatment which is high risk ,he can choose to accept it or reject it. In medical means conservative. Same rules can be practise in investment,if you take high risk investment, you can get high return. What is high risk, it is up to individual. For some people ,it is low risk.To another it is medium risk and for another it is high risk. It is up to individual. IN some patient,doctor see it as high risk , For him ,it is OK.When you proceed to his wish, he survives and for another choose a conservative method may dies in a year later. I called this "high risk ,high return " as rules of universe. Whatever you do in life, you face this choice everyday. You are the one who choose it, a right choice may make you promoted to another level and awrong choice make you suffered. The consequence depends on the big choice you make.

Friday, November 03, 2006

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neurosurgical?neuromedical?medical ethics?

As i first day become doctor, i think medical career is one of the noble job just like teachers. I realised before become doctor that medical profession is very hard to become millionaire unless you went into research and become scientist to create new medication. Recently , i feel very ashamed and angry towards a department of the doctors (so called doctors) and it happens in Pg. I am doing my calls yesterday and received a referral from A & E department ( a referral from Balik Pulau hospital) . A paitent find suddenly unable to move the left side of hands. Patient has already unable to move the lower limb bilaterally due to accidents (tree fell at his trunk). Ct scan done that is a bleed at parietal lobe (can be seen in 4 slice of CT scan). GCS is 14-15/15 on admission. When casualty ask me for opinion , i asked them whether they already asked for opinion. Casualy MO said they don't dare to asked for it.She just got scolded 3 days ago for referring a intracerebral bleed at 8 pm. She asked for neurosurgical MO opinion and the MO need to consult the case to their boss Mr R*#% and
ended up he scolded the MO. Reason of scolding is GCS13/15 and any cases need to referred to neuromedical prior to refer to them. I wondered since when we can decide on whether patient need op or not. Are neuromedical already promote to become neurosurgical consultant or their first line MO. The bad news is i ended up advice the patient's family about the CT of bleeding, surgical intervention not available until the GCS worsening . When they asked me if op now or later (worsening)what is the difference to the prognosis.I failed to answer to them because i am not neurosurgical people and how can i answer them. Later ,they broke into tears and sound dissappointed towards us. I really pissed off about this condition. Since they want us to do the judgement ,they better teach us the technique of doing Burr hole and EVD tubing insertion. Next time ,we just performed the op if needed and close down his department and establish a new department called neuromedical-surgical department. Take note, the operation is done by his MO and they only consult him whether want to go in or not.He set up one guideline because he don't want his MO disturb his sleep concerning going in or not.I think if this type consultant appear more , next time people will sign AOR and went for Bomoh next time when inform about bad condition. I think this condition create a social condition happening now that a lot of patient's family talk to doctors rudely.
Do you want to know the guideline of referral or not? Only can refer if GCS worsening ,GCS 6-13,not dominant hemisphere bleed.Patient not too old.
Actually, i hope that one day his family members got the intracerebral bleed and not fulfill the criteria for referal and i definitely wont refer to neurosurgical!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

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