Sunday, September 30, 2007

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what will you do if you got super power ?

currently watching heroes and become more and more attached to the series.
I wonder what will i do if i acquire claire's power of regeneration, would i be like her ? Would i try to save everyone in danger? If i got the power of Sylar, would i be like him or i would rather sit back and repair the watch. If i can bent the time like Hiro ,would i try to save the world? that is so much if in this issue? I definitely won't be like Sylar or like Hiro. I won't expose my power just in case i would be killed. I will use my power for good deed.
Anyway , heroes season 2 already started. just sit back and enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

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September is the restart of series

September every year basically is the exciting month for series lover. If you like desperate housewives, prison break, house, smallville , heroes and etc , then every series restart at mid to ending of the september. So to be update, you need to finished the remaining series in the last season before the new one started.
Whatever speculation of the series will be answered now. Isn't it exciting?

I love weekend!

after doing round in ward for 2 consecutive week with calls. Basically working 7 days per weeks. it is very taxing and kill your interest on studying and working. You are too tired to read the review. Basically got some depression mood.
Luckily, my weekend at last is back.
A weekend for me to do movie marathon. I watched secrets by Jay Chow in cinema, surf up and simply actors in dvd. it is just happy and relaxing.
secrets is a fantasy romance movie with the back ground in school. Simply actor is the typical Hong Kong commedy movie . Surf up is the fair animation. This combination is one of the best relaxation therapy.
I am so happy because i manage to finished third season of desperate housewives and now working to finished the first season of heroes.
In conclusion, every one need weekend to relax either watching movie, shopping, or taking a good meal. The relaxation is based on your own interest. After the recharging, then start the new days with good mood to work in Monday

Sunday, September 09, 2007

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Our HO room got thief/thieves?

recently when i am doing round . My Ho told me that his colleague in cardio ward loss the precious hand phone in the Ho room 2 month ago. just a week or 2 week ago in the same room, another houseman loss the wallet again with money. This is the second time in the past 3 month. They kept informing me knowing that i like to keep the bag in the room .Maybe worry i got post traumatic stress syndrome if i loss my money and ended up scolding them?!!I keep my bag in the ward because it is near to my ward(nephro ward).Actually , who is the prime suspect?
As i know , this room only visited by doctor, Ho or MO, occasional medical students, attendent who is arranging the bed ,support service staff and diet staff.Who is the thieves? I do not know? I found out my bag always misplaced when i plan to go back. From table to chair or to floor. I think my bag had been treasure hunt but found nothing precious.
I actually do keep my black box there (pager) . Guess it is a cursing item (cause low morale in heroes games) so it never got stolen.Occasionally got stethoscope, guess too old so it is not stolen.Some medical journal , guess too dull to be stolen.

Who is the thieves ? I still do not know. Actually if i put my handphone maybe, it also won't be stolen because it is only Nokia 3100. it cost less than 150 in secong hand shop.

the thief issue is always arise in ho/mo room, or in Ot in almost every hospital.
When i become ho in taiping Gh,My colleague (dr 5354) who i think fibrate knew him loss his wallet at O& G OT when assisting the Mo for emergency caeseraen section. It is because the case is too emergency and the MO too fierce, he is too hurry and ended up forget to take his wallet with him and let the wallets remains in the pants.After finished ot , wallet is gone.

I guess every hospital got a staff or more constantly checking our bag and dress of doctor every now and then. They (thieves) know that saving life is a priority and property is only second in priority. Actually i got loss my watch during doing procedure last year. i take off my watch for hand washing then i forget to keep in pocket , it loss in 15 minute time.Luckily it is not the expensive watch like Rolex, Tag hauer, Rado. It is only swiss hunter watch cost 200 over. But it is still traumatising to loss your property.

Compare to my friend who take dinner with me 4 month ago . I consider my self unlucky. He left his handphone at coffee shop table after dinner. After 15 minutes time of ride , he told me he left the handphone on coffee shop table. Do you think he can found back the handphone? Logically no isn't it.
But he got his handphone back in the same table. Nobody seems to interested in his handphone. Guess what,his handphone is nokia 3310.

From there, the conclusion is the thief only pick on item which is popular and can be sold. stupid item won't be stolen. Spiderman 's uncle told spiderman great power come the great responsibility .I would said great item come the great responsibility.

So, beware for those using smart phone or great phone, make sure they are following you even in toilet unless you lock it in locker(maybe got spare key also). Or else , you will be low morale.

Notes: maybe should put hidden camera in room to catch the thief!