Saturday, June 30, 2007

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Transformers is a movie i long awaited for this year. I am fascinated by the preview. I am one of the die hard fans of transformer during 80s . I got certain collection of transformer. Actually transformers got us and japanese version. Japanese version is more realistic and more 3 D in animation. The weakness is only the language. I actually watch the us version one. I went to see the movie today and actually quite impressed with the movie. Good storyline. Action one after another interrupt with some jokes. Friendship between autobot. The friendship build in between autobot and sam. Sam and his new girlfriend.
At last the big fight between Optimus prime and megatron. the cube(allsparks) that endanger the mankind. I watched the movie with a lot of adults rather than the kids. Maybe transformers fans all like to know what they do to the characters. I hate the director for changing the bumble bee into Chevrolet camaro which should be Volkswagen beetle. I think Micheal Bay hates germans(Volkswagen made in germany). At the second hand car shop the car beside camaro (bumble bee) is yellow volkswagen and is destroyed the windows and bodies. I think director hate volkswagen. Megatron also not transformed into the gun as original anamation. The music in the movie is cool although no original score of the transformers.
In conclusion , i like the movie but if they preserve the original tranformed form . I will be more happy.
By the way, for those who watch the movie, Please do not leave the theatre before finishing the credits. That is 3 cutscene in between credit. ONe of them show you starscream actually still alive.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

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I like it because it is simple

Simplicity is good. After a tiring week for the past five days. I felt such a relieve as it is saturday. At last, i got time to write my blog. Last sunday , i watched the Fantastic four-rise of silver surfer(fantastic four-2), it is simple and yet entertaining.
I like the fantastic four because all the four heroes are simple character. Invisible girl want to married and get a simple normal life. She do not want to become heroine.
Her brother , human torch want to gain money by being a hero, enjoy being a hero , like publicity and enjoy life.Mr fantastic still do his scientific work and research , bear a great responsibity for him self . Love invisible girl and trying to save the world . He not enjoy publicity.The thing loves the blind black lady and help mr fantastic. He like to protect him. They are all simple person. They are not like Superman bear all responsibility in his shoulder. they are not like batman although rich not still sad because he felt sorry for his parents dead and try to seek justice. They are not like spiderman always think great power comes great responsibility and over worried about MJ.
Maybe because they are four simple person who work hand in hand to fight for justice when they are needed. Although human torch always quarrel with the thing but they are still close to each others.
i like them because i think a lot of problem can be solved by simplest way. watch this movie and the fun is there.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

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I missed you, Father

After my father dead 4 years ago, it's always a pain in my heart on Father's Day every year. Father is one of my respective figure in this world. My father rewards me for good things i did and tell me when i went wrong. He never beat me for the damage i had done during childhood. When i am small, i like to open the thing i am not understand and will eventually damage it. I opened 2 to 3 radio before because i don't know why that thing produce sound without people inside. I always fantasied that is a small little man inside.
Father is a good swimmer who i learn the swimming skill from him. My father always played ping pong with me. Father encourage me to read books and always give me interesting story book to read. Father bring me to a lot of interesting place. He also teach me thing i not understand.Father tell me a lot of jokes and real story.
Dad, although you have gone from this world.You will always live in my heart . You won't be lose from my memory because you are irreplacible.

Friday, June 15, 2007

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It sucks!

This week is a busy week and bad week from me. Continuous with the previous remaining patient from various country, that is still a remaining foreign patient in this ward. Other than taking over indon patient with Infective endocarditis to cardio ward and discharge of vietnam and bangaladesh dengue patient . The biggest headache patient is still in our ward. the bangaladesh patient which we take 2 to 4 days to get his stool sample. The best part is he got Salmonella typhi. So it is Typhoid fever. We started him with rocephine and to be discharged we need him to hand in 3 stool C & S(culture and sensitivity) which is negative. Basically he not understand what we want. so everyday we do sign language to him .Every patient happy to see that because we looks like "monkey" when we try to communicate with him . At last, that is a middle aged Bangaladesh who works for 12 years become our translator.He still refused to sent stool samples until further discuss plus forcing only he agreed. When i am happy and foresee the discharged the patient.There comes another Bangaladesh patient (not understand BM and english)with diarrhoea . The stool and blood C& S turned out to be Salmonella typhi . Oh ,goodness. Another monkey moments for us.
I think government should consider teach us the simple bangaladesh .At least , set the rule for all bangaladesh worker to know the simple BM or english before step in Malaysia . It is troublesome to us since Their commission is not helpful to provide translator to us. Not many people understand bangaladesh worker.Another thing is they are really a major host for Typhoid.
Almost all patient with fever, diarrhoea and abdominal pain is typhoid.
No other cause is the provisional diagnosis.
I wish i will got the ability of C3PO (the golden robot ) who peaks 290 language in the galaxy to communicate with them or archieve the ability of mind reader to know what they are thinking and sent my brain message to them.
Obviously , this is the fantasy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Medical myth vs medical facts.

After reading my buddies post, actually other than the unclear concept of disease among the patient. Actually that is a lot of myth among the patient also.
For example , for fits patient. A lot of patient's family believe that when their kids got fits especially during generalised tonic-clonic fits, they should be giving something to bite. It can be chopstick for chinese, spoon for Malay or modern chinese (do not have chopstick),plastic comb for those can neither find spoon nor chopstick, Parker pen for one of my patient previously . A more educated one will use handkerchief wrapped the comb, spoon ,chopstick or what so ever for patient to bite. Pity patient occasionally break their tooth or got more serious injury in oral cavity. Luckily still not see people put in their little finger inside and got swallowed.
When i try to tell them not repeat it again.
The answer is: Dr, you know or not . If i don't do this. He is dead by now.
Dr: Why?
Patient's friend:He will bite his tongue and it will cause dead. When the tongue breed , sure dead one.
dr: which doctor or which book tell you this facts?
Patient's friend: Everyone also know this . You don't know meh? This is common sense.
See what they so called common sense actually is what i called a medical myth. Something no medical based but everyone believe. It takes a lot of time to educate them about coma position and not to put thing in the mouth. Sad to say that only the epilepsy patient 's family with frequent fits attack for the patient will convince after the recurrence enforcement education to them.
This is the first medical myth i encountered.
Second myth normally in TB clinic.
Dr: Pakcik, look at the X-ray ,see white spot at apical region like cotton wool(soft spoT) . Sputum AFB positive, You got TB (tuberculosis) and need treatment. Don't worry, it can be cured.
Pakcik: Dr, this is not TB . this is santau(black magic). That's why i got hemoptysis.Taking the medication will kill me. I need to see Bomoh.
Dr: If you don't seek treatment, you may be dead and endanger your family.They may got TB from me
Pakcik (a bit agitated):you are not malay. You don't know santau. Don't argue with me . I need Bomoh now . If cannot cure than may be TB.
Dr: I ask my chest physician explained to you. It is expect and is malay too.
Specialist told the same story.
Pakcik very angry: you all trying to kill me by asking to take medication. You know or not, I delayed to find Bomoh, i maybe dead.
this is the biggest challenge in chest clinic. To convince them they actually got TB. No people will believe you if they think they got black magic(charmed) even you are chest physician.
This again is medical myth in Malaysia.
Funny thing is they may involve a highly educated people (Uni graduated) among them. I just attempted one uni graduated high rank officer in 2 month back and refused treatment even signed the letter refused for treatment.
Medical myth is very strong in this part of the world. When medical myth contradict the medical management, they will opt for medical myth. I dicussed it previously in my previous post.

Monday, June 11, 2007

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It's a jam

School reopened today after a school holiday. Guess what happened . Traffic jam! I found it hard to believe that every time school reopened , that's a massive jam compared to others normal school day. Maybe a lot of parents too KS(kiasu) and bring their kids to school on day 1 of school. Maybe they are overslept and miss the school bus. Whatever it is , a jam is a jam. I remember on my visit to KL previously, I wonder why KL is always jam even with the super big road. Guess what the taxi driver told me, He said government selling car like selling vegetable nowadays so how could the jam been overcome. For him, now car can be brought even without down payment . Basically everyone could get a car ,only maintenance of a car make the life difficult.
A jam is a jam . Whatever it is , just need to wake up 30 minutes earlier , destination would be reached. I always hope that one day the car would got a wing to fly during traffic jam to overcome the jam or a LRT station next to my house and near the hospital so i would never need my car again.
Whatever it is , it is just the dream and hope. I never give up hope. I hope something good to happen.
Just like Hugo 's father told hugo to start the engine even the car is not fully fixed yet. He told you to hope for something good. If you don't know what i am talking. I means the season 3 episode 10 of Lost scene. It message one should got positive thinking.

Notes"kiasu" means afraid to lose

Sunday, June 10, 2007

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Oops,Paris Hilton did it again!

At last Paris Hilton is back to prison again. For the past 2-3 weeks, the news in TV, newspaper and net is about our Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Hilton . She is famous by rumour. Honestly, i only know her after newspaper talks about her leakage of personal xxx rating tapes. I thought she is the victim and quite pity for her. Then , about her phone lose. It becomes the major news again. Now , prison again for some stupid law breaking.She then released from prison temporarily for psy evaluation. It is from time to time got news. I called it a rumour girl. Guess what , maybe a prison break later in real life. The outcome is she become more and more famous after the rumour.
From hotel heir,then film star ,famous for simple life then singer.
Special credit for her, she got personal prison cell, vending machine in cells and can make phone calls in prison everyday. Personal hour for 2 hour in prison.
This is the famous person went in prison. Publicity + first class prison service.
I guess the second in list in prison maybe britney!

Shrek 3 adult fantasy

Shrek 3 is a adult fantasy. It is against the odds of normal fantasy tale we know. This movie main character shrek is a ogre,princess fiona also a ogre. Her father is a frog. Prince Charming is a villain. Arthur is a loser(next successor) for the far far away kingdom. Raspunzel is a bald and many more. The movie is a typical antiHeroism. The story about the frog king is dead and shrek become a next king.Shrek try to find arthur in another land. Prince charming overturn the far far away kingdom .At last good side win.
This is good because it teach us not to judge people by face but by the heart (nature) of a person.
This is the third 3 i have watched.Start from spiderman 3 then pirates of the carribean 3, at last shrek 3. In chinese 3 means live so triple three means long live. But now that is another three (ocean thirteen). Another 4 (die hard 4.0) coming out. Another 2 ,fantasy four 2.

I normally will got feedback for my houseman if i not watch at the first day . My houseman always work hard and play hard. they can watch movie back to back after EOD calls for 3 consecutive calls. Their performance in work normally not up to path(75% of the total houseman) but their index of movie coverage and feedback is good (> 75% accurate). This is the houseman nowadays. What i can say , just shut my mouth and do my work. Nothing would change regarding whatever comments you give!(i learn it since i work for long)

Friday, June 08, 2007

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It's a united nation !

The malaysia is known in the world as a multiracial country with the main 3 races -malay,chinese and indian. In this week, i found out in Malaysia nowadays, we are not only populated by malay, chinese and indian only but also by other nation of people too. It is now become one the nation with a lot of alien. Not the alien in the movies who swallow people but the alien who become host of many disease.
This week , in the side in charge by me , it is populated by majority of alien from all the nation. The famous neighbor country who speak the similar language-Malay , A indonesian with very good clinical sign, jaundice, fever, with prominent pansystolic murmur and early diastolic murmur plus splenomegaly. Yes , a infective endocarditis patient confirmed by echocardiography. 2 days ago, a Vietnamese patient with fever for 4 days with rash , stay in the black area of dengue fever , with gum bleeding and haemoconcertration . Yes, a vietamese fever with dengue hemorrhagic fever. At the same day, a Pakistani patient with fever for 3 weeks ,deny high risk behaviour seeks treatment for GP tried on antibiotic but failed. No splenomegaly ,lymphadenopathy without bleeding tendency. Based on alien treatment experience, sent blood for BFMP, thyphoid screening anf PBF. Results came back Plasmodium vivax positive.So treated for malaria.
The most headache part, a bangaladesh who step in Malaysia for 3 month , not knowing malay, english and Tamil. Super language barrier , scratching every body head to get urine , stool sample for culture sensitivity. When asked whether understand english or not, the answer is a little. Actually know nothing . Showed him urine bottle for collection . He always say yes but result is not given coming bottle. Chest x ray clear lung field. Temperature spiking, negative for abdomen,lung and other system examination.Blood C& S(culture and sensitivity)result preliminary gram negative. Started on rocephine seems to response. Full results , salmonella typhi. Yes a atypical presentation for typhoid with limited history and based solely on investigation.
In summary, this week , i got a young Indon with infective endocarditis, a vietnamese with dengue, a pakistani with malaria and a Bangaladesh with typhoid. All is at the age 20-30. Occasional ,we do got indon with epilepsy ,acute leukaemia.
Malaysian now already is declare as a alien nation as our ringgit grow stronger and our hospitality with our good hospital backup. They all come here to earn money. To them, Malaysia is a gold mine. To me, they are the potential host to transmit the infectious disease . Maybe, some day , i would got the change to see Kala azar disease.
I think i might need to learn simple Bangaladesh language some day and some time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

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super brilliant for Pirates 3

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is one of the anticipated movies for this year. Other then spiderman3 which is already launched. I love the first one and second one. So i think i will like the third one but before i watched the third one. I got the the uncertainty whether to watch it in theatre or not. First , i got the busy schedule for last month(may 24 launch the movies) at that time . I got my EOD (alternate calls) for May at that time . Thanks to my study leave(2 weeks) for my exam. I received the worst outcome after my exam paying back my debt (alternate calls)for ending of May.Hardly i spare energy to watch the movies and with the "kiasu" character of people who booked all the tickets in the GSC. I ended up watching it one weeks later. Best part is review giving mix results. A lot of bad comments from reviews. I ask my houseman who have watched it . He told me it was Crab. I puzzled about it whether worth or not to try my best to book for the movie or not . After figure it out, i still went for it because i support Chow yun fatt and Johnny Depp 's movie. I will watch it regardless of other comments. First of all , i never trust film reviewers in paper because most of the time , i got total different comments from theirs . Normally , when they say bad movies , i would think it is good . reason is simple i am not Oscar judge , i like "entersting"(means entertaining and interesting) movies. I don't like to use my logic and brain to watch movies as long as it is not too boring. I hates broke back mountain which scores a lot of star in review. I followed my friend enter the cineplex and ended up sleeping in cineplex.
I watch the pirates 3 , it turns up to be good for me. Chow 's english is good. Acting is super good plus promoting tourism for Singapore. In sneek peak , it always show chow face us with the welcoming hand and said "welcome to singapore".
Johmmy depp aka captain Jack with his supreme acting is the backbone of the movies .
The movies is the extension of the pirates 2. So do not watch it without watching 2 or revising it. I revise it one day prior to the piarates 3.
It is good and worth watching in my opinion. If you haven't watch it, Go for it.

My other Favourite english series

English series has long become my favourite pastime . Since secondary school, i fancied ER ,X file. After that, i stopped watching when i went to med school because english series not so fascinating. Only recently (2-3 years ago), Tv started back the quality series. Other than the medical series i mentioned about in my previous post.
I like science fiction series. One of the series i followed up constantly is smallville. Smallville is a story of young Clark Kent. Yes, a superman story at his teenage but not yet become superman. His relationship with Lex Luthor. How they become rival from good friend. His first love with Lana Lang. How he know Louis Lane . Other character like chloe sullivan(lane 's cousin). This series is interesting because it shows the development of superman . How a alien(clark Kent) is more 'human' THAN A HUMAN(LEX LUTHOR). THE NEXT SERIES i like the most is desperate housewives. The dark side of lady and the different character of each housewives . The best part is the twisted of the story. Nobody seems to be good in this series.Another best series is prison break, super brilliant for the main character to escape from prison on first season. The escaping outside the prison in second season also super best. I liked all this series because hollywood now go for anti-hero(no more perfect hero).Even clark Kent not so perfect anymore.Third seies i just been started to get addiction is heroes. The top series in USA. I don't watch it until my ex-houseman handed me a copy. After i watch it, i like it.The series just got click and mystery. Just like desperate housewives, the first scene of commit suicide in less than 3 minutes catch my attention.
I think successful series must catch you in less than 5 minutes in pilot(first seris first season) and must attract you to looking forward to it in the ending of pilot. Desperate housewives did that, lost did that,heroes did that, House did that with the diagnosis of Tape worm infestation at brain in pilot.Smallville not quite imteresting in pilot. I like it because i am a DC comic and marvel comic super heroes supporter so support every beginning(the making of super heroes) of the such series.Grey anatomy strike me with 48 hr call and the introduction of the outcome of surgical interns.
This is the ending of season for all my favorite series. It only will restart after august or June. I hoped that it won't screw up in nxt season.