Monday, May 24, 2010

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the fun of reading

When exam finished, the fun of reading restored. without the stress of exam. it's fun to learn something new daily. here i attached something interesting on my old blog.
today-Beau's line.

The wonder of g doc

nowaday, everyone talking about G. G-string, G-shock , gmail and etc.
today i talked about G00gle docs i so called G-doc , in the era of internet and virus at hospital. we occaionally need to refer to our journal , e book and etc. Worried of pen drive get infected. The solution is G-doc. Upload your pdf file in g-doc either in word, pdf and etc then read in from g -doc. Isn't it great.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

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A tale of 3 airway=pro and cons

yesterday, I completed my experience in 3 flight company in Malaysia finally. The firefly is my last choice at last in my yesterday domestic travel back to KL. My previous priority always Malaysia airline and AIrasia respectively.
First of all , firefly using a small aircraft- a high-wing, twin turboprop aircraft which make the time spent to get down a plane on arrival reduced as small plane means less pessanger vs big plane. Time to take big luggage out from airplane also reduced. In conclusion time saving.The offering of snack in air flight also make it more competitive compare to its main rival -airasia. Finally is the airport is at the Subang airport which is much nearer to LCCT and KLIA. The cons-i think it is mainly a small airplane,if there is turbulance, shakiness a bit higher than both of its competitor, the steadiness of flight less, the last is the noisiness of the plane .
Airasia which claims to be cheapest air fare among all the air craft is not so cheap after all compare to previously except during promotion period or very early booking time not even 2 weeks prior to travelling. The benefit is it got a very comfortable big plane , very nice magazine to read-the 3sixty magazine which is quite rich in contents compare to setia in firefly sponsored by SP setia (not very enjoying to read) .Another good point is that is a bus in LCCT airport. The cons is that is no snack in flight ,you need to buy it on board and very far airport LCCT.
Mas wise is the flight which provide highest airfare with even Business class in domestic flight-definitely the most luxury flight. Big plane with very quiet engines compatible with airasia. The fare relatively higher of all times however the presence of KLIA express make the travelling from KL sentral to KLIA take only around 30 minutes with a reasonable cost. KLIA is also comfortable to travel with. The Mas magazine is also very nice to read with very good photo and contents. The cons mainly is the price, location of airport and the long waiting time to get down from airplane as the plane is big(similar to airasia) however that is direct corridor connecting plane to airport so no need to use umbrella on raint day like airasia and firefly.
In conclusion that is pro and cons in respective air company. The only deciding factor is your choice and favour of the benefit than bares with the cons.
If you search for cost and comfort- go for airasia
If you search for time and comfort-may consider mas
If lokking for distance of airport, time of going down from flight, cost-maybe firefly.
To me, mas still remain my choice if my wallet not too tight at time of travelling.

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3R for our earth rather than football?

today when at the flight, I learn some new term in firefly magazine called 3R-reduce, reuse and recycle.
It is different from what i know about 3R . As i am a football fan, the 3R i understand is Ronaldo, Robinho and Ronaldinho of Brazil in last world cup. Unexpectedly, green concept or i rather called it green trading using protecting earth as a packaging.
Among the 3R in protecting earth, i think reduce is the most important.Reduce is just like preventive medication. By reduce the purchase of whatever not really needed, we can reduce the wastage and rubbish. So why we need recycle if that't not much rubbish.
Reuse to be a bit like treating medication what i do almost daily. After we use the plastic bag than we should not throw it and we can reuse it again and again until it is broken. I actually do it daily. It is a bit like treating the disease when it existed .The concept of this is a bit lower than reduce as rubbish or unfriendly item to earth already existed. The last R -recycle is more like palliative medication for example degradable plastic, etc. Some of the product is not really friendly but just to ease the guilt of the user. The recycle product take more cost, lower quality and maybe more energy consumption than create the new one. The only good point is reduce the unfriedly product in the earth. Green house effect and global warming is not much help.
AS a earth residents, i think we should reduce wastage.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

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a permanent learning process

I remember once my MO told me during my HO(house officer ) time, in a process of learning procedure , see one, do one and teach one. Even when i am a MO in GH , my consultant also tell me the same time but when i worked in teaching Hospital, my HO don't show initiative to learn procedure ( about 90% of HO population), they more interested go back early then do procedure. It is very sad for current Ho population and worrying . I wondered how do they cope with the procedure when they are MO.
Ask specialist to do? I am not sure.
3days ago, A great teacher of medicine, Prof Izham came to our ward to give his teaching. His enthusiasm towards medical knowledge, advancesu in medicine other than his speciaty really impressing. He said even when you subspecialist in medicine, you should well aware of other internal medicine development, after all . YOU are the physician at base . A physician should always learn the new thing.
The moral of the story, medical field is a permanent learning process even for great professor .Then why our HO show no interest to learn?