Friday, November 30, 2007

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Pc Fair

P C fair is back again as this time it is surrounded by more new gadget. This year pc fair is filled with maxis or celcom broadband promotion. So we are moving towards the mobile on line any time and any where. I will always donate my money to p c fair for buying new stuff. This year, i am buying webcam, new speaker and end spening few bulks again.
P/S::latest bad news . They inform me i am on call tomorrow.

Friday, November 16, 2007

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Library is the best place for surfing

in my hospital, what i like the most is going to library at meal time because it is the time when after you take a meal and nothing to do. Too far to go home . Too lazy to see patient in ward because patient got visitor to see. Unless emergency in ward , if not , i won't disturb their time with thier love one. I would just hang around and surf the net. Read some article and check for football results particularly those games play on midnight. see whether worthwhile to see the delayed telecast or not.

Friday, November 09, 2007

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computer defective yet expensive?

What is this topic about? Actually , a friend of mine inform me of worm infestation for his computer and make his computer cannot log in. Yes, worm infestation for computer no more computer virus. Computer worm more bulky, more damage done, more difficulty to fix.
So for computer user like me always pray not to get worm for computer. If i got one in my computer , i will format my computer (i previously got one). After the worm, I kind of got Obsessive compulsive disorder and backup my data at weekly basis.any worm attack means one weeks work gone. Always two backup(one in portable hard disk, another either in thumb drive or dvd).
in conclusion, computer is an expensive item but defective because it is vulnerable to worm,virus attack. just like us , easy to get disease if we are not keeping well.